On Tonight's Events...

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On Tonight's Events...

Postby Koi-Drama » Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:52 am


I understand there is a lot of questions, comments, and concerns about the course of action we, as a team, took to address an issue that was seemingly spiraling out of control in the eyes of the community. We offer a message from our PR Team.

Koi-Public Relations wrote:"While the actions regarding House Calenture's possession and then removal of KoES' prime may have seemed accelerated and 'unfair' to some, Keepers of the Eternal Shadow had ample opportunity to correct their course -- with the help and assistance of numerous players and GMs -- and yet that opportunity was not fully utilized to its potential, the storyline needed to come to a quick resolution. We apologize to the members of House Calenture and/or Dreamers of Light who felt like the hand at play was too involved, but we stand by our decision that the right conclusion occurred this evening. We thank you for your continued dedication to making this a vibrant world, to being emotional invested in the story arc of your characters, and your trust in us that we are all after the same thing. Keep the portals spinning."


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