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If we really played ul like we were dreaming

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If we really played ul like we were dreaming

Post by Elmer »

I've had a lot of time lately to sit around and think. I was thinking after I woke up this morning, what if we actually played underlight like it was our actual dreams. I don't know about you all, but someitmes I have some *really* weird, f*cked up and/or horrifying dreams, stuff that comes out of nowhere, some dreams that when I wake up I am just like...what in the actual f*ck was that?!? and usually I have more than one dream in a night about different things.

Soooo if we played underlight like that, lol, everybody would be completely off the wall weird and different pretty much every day, and sometimes from hour to hour or minute to minute, Joe blow or Jane doe might be hunting and then 15 minutes later he or she might be ballet dancing on a cactus five minutes after that they might be having a date with somebody they never saw before 10 minutes after that they might be cooking an octopus or dancing with a kangaroo :o you get the jist.. heh, there wouldn't be story lines that people followed day after day and week after week, it would just be bizarre, random, likely hilarious, off the wall, disturbing ,chaotic sh*t. that rarely made any sense :lol: right?

It is a pretty safe bet to say that we likely wouldn't want to see what is in other people's heads, and we'd not want others to see what's in ours. :!: :lol: Too bad, I couldn't put this in "Points to ponder" 'cuz it's OOC, BUT
Just something to ponder! :D
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Re: If we really played ul like we were dreaming

Post by Starfall »

I am always leaning into the “it’s a dream” aspect of the setting. I think some of what you’re describing doesn’t happen that way because of the notion of having control of our dreams as a prerequisite for entering the city. But at the same time I revel in the fact that anything you can convince others is real becomes real in UL just like a dream.
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